Self Report Techniques

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  • Self Report Techniques
    • Interview
      • unstructured interview
        • less structure, new questions are developed during the course of the interview
        • more details are obtained as the interviewer tailors the questions to specific responses and get deeper insights into respondents' feelings and thoughts, more expensive as well trained interviewers are needed.
      • structured interview
        • pre determined questions, delivered face to face and conducted in real time.
        • easily repeated, easy to analyse, comparability can be a problem, if the same interviewers behave different on different occassions, low reliability, interviewer bias
      • Design
        • Recording the interview
        • The effect of the interviewer
    • Questionnaire
      • Open Questions
        • invite respondents to provide their own answers rather than selecting one, tends to produce qualitative data
        • evaluation: can expand your answers, increasing details, gaining insight of feelings, respondents who are illiterate may find some questions difficult to comprehend so avoid long responses, qualitative data produced can be hard to summarise, no patterns can be drawn.
      • Closed Questions
        • predetermined range of answers from which respondents select one, tends to produce quantitative data
        • evaluation: quantitative data produced so easy to analyse, but respondents are forced to select answers that may not relate to them, lack of validity.
      • Construction
        • Clarity
        • Bias
        • Analysis
        • writing a good questionnaire
          • Filler Questions
          • sequence for questions
          • sampling technique
          • Pilot study
      • set of written questions designed to collect info about a topic.
        • can be objective and always pre determined.
      • Evaluation: take time to design, but can be distributed to a number of people cheaply and quickly, respondents may feel more willing to reveal personal info than in an interview, they can only be filled in by people who are literate.
    • Evaluation of self report :social desirability bias-may answer the questions in a desirable way, some answers may lack validity if unsure of how they feel, thus not representative


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