Self Fulfilling Prophecy Evaluation

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  • Self Fulfilling Prophecy Evaluation
    • - We do not always conform to expectations.
    • + Explains why people in poor socio-economic areas behave anti-socially.
    • - SFP only works best when observer and observed are not known to each other.
    • - Alternative Explanation: SLT
      • We observe and imitate behaviour rather than act according to expectations.
    • + Mandon (2003): mothers who believed children would have future drinking habits were fulfilled by children = SFP
    • + Snyder (1977): men told talking on phone to pretty woman were more friendly than those who were told she was average.
    • + Jahoda (1954): Ashanti people say Monday children calm = (7% were) and Wednesday children aggressive = (22% were)


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