Self Fulfilling Prophecy Description

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  • Self Fulfilling Prophecy
    • Process of something coming true due to prediction
      • People have stereotypes and expectations of someone come from this.
    • They are then 'labelled' and become this label.
      • We behave accordingly to how we think someone is.
    • The way the observer treats someone will affect the individuals self-concept
      • They then become what is expected = SFP takes place
    • Observed becomes anti-social due to negative views.
    • Behaviour is then reinforced when observed begins to act according to stereotypes.
    • Any pro-social behaviours are ignored by observer as the observed conforms to expectations.
    • E.g. if teacher expects naughty student they may treat them as if they are
      • student will act appropriately and be naughty SFP = reinforces teachers view.


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