Self Concept & Emotional Development across all Life stages

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  • Self Concept&Emotional Development across all Life stages
    • Self Image: How you see yourself and also when describing yourself to others
      • Positive- Doing well in exams/Exercise/Smiling/Good self care/Friends laughing at your jokes
      • Negative- Failing an exam/People being negative about your character
    • Self Esteem: How you feel about yourself and whether you value yourself
      • Positive: Confidence/Optimism/Trust in others/Good self care/Accept mistakes/Ability to say no
      • Negative: Negative views about life/Mistrusting others/Fear of taking risks/Blaming self/Wishing to look like someone else
    • Factors influencing self concept
      • Gender
      • Culture
      • Relationships
      • Family and Socialisation
    • What is the diffrence? The difference between self esteem and self image is that the addition of feelings when you are talking about self esteem.Self image is simpy the informational side of things,so you know facts about yourself and what you are like,and self esteem is how you may feel about those things


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