Self-Concept factors

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  • Self-concept factors
    • Age
      • Young infants and children have no sense of self-concept.
      • If a child is neglected they won't feel valued or loved.
      • Adolescents want independencebut are still influenced by peers opinions.
      • People over 50 may experience discrimination in the workplace.
      • Some elderly people may not feel valued because of the loss of their work role.
    • Appearance
      • Some people may suffer with acne or have a birthmark on their face that makes them self-conscious
      • If someone's face has been accidentally changed through surgery or burns this can have an emotional impact
      • Risk of developing anorexia or bulimia due to beliefs that they are wrongly overweight
    • Gender
      • Gender is how people are expected to act based on their sex
      • Some people may not want to leave their children with their partner and go to work due to gender bias
      • It may affect what jobs they apply to in future
    • Culture
      • Culture is shared beliefs, customs and values.
      • Language, religion, diet, sport, clothing and music are included.
      • Shared cultures binds societies together.
    • Emotional Development
      • Positive and negative emotional development is affected by the way they are treated.
      • Poor emotional development leads to withdrawal, low self-esteem and confidence
      • Positive emotional development leads to increased confidence and they are more optimistic
    • Education
      • Educational achievement has a positive effect on our self-concept.
      • The way children are treated by teachers can affect self-image.
    • Relationships With Others
      • Maintaining good relationships with others will improve the persons self-esteem & confidence
      • Self-concept is about what people believe other people think about them
    • Sexual Orientation
      • Heterosexual is a  sexual relationship with someone of the opposite sex.
      • Homosexual is a sexual relationship with someone of the same sex.
    • Life Experiences
      • LIfe experiences are everyday things that happen.
      • Adolescents are very independent but if they have a bad relationship with their parents they are likely to turn to alcohol or drugs
      • Adolescents may become promiscuous leading to unwanted pregnancies.
      • Adults may receive discrimination due to sex, race or disabilities.


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