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  • Select Committees are the most effect way to hold a Government to account
    • Definition
      • Ways for MPs and Lords to scrutinise the government.
      • Commons Select Committees are made up of back bench MPs with a ratio of the House make up.
        • There is a Commons Select Committee for each department and they scrutinise spending, policies and administrtaion
        • The Government has 60 days to respond to any report from a Commons Select Committees
      • Lords select Committees are made up of Lords who specialize in certain areas
        • These committees do not relate to a specific Government department, merely a certain expertise
    • Positive Aspects
      • The Government has to respond to a Commons Select Committee within 60 days
      • The chair of a committee is chosen by secret ballot (Since 2010 and the Wright Committee)
      • Committees can often lead enquiries which can result in a wider, more public, inquiry. For example in 2009-2010 the Culture, Media and Support select committee ran an inquiry into press standards. This led to the Leveson Inquiry into Phone Hacking
      • Government's are sometimes backed into a corner and are forced into changing their mind. In 2011 the Health Select Committee was so critical of the Coalition's proposals for NHS reforms that the Government was persuaded to make significant changes to the Health and Social Care Bill
    • Negative Aspects
      • A Government is not required to accept any decision or changes made by a Committee
      • Due to the way they work, Government's can put their most loyal MPs on the most important committees
      • The Government has the majority on all Committees due to the fact it is based on the make up of the house
    • Other ways of Scrutinizing the Government
      • Ministers Questions
        • PMQs
      • Parliamentary Debates
      • HM Opposition
        • Opposition Days


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