Mindmap of fundamentalism

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  • Fundamentalism
    • Almond et al. argue that fundamentalism is caused by secularisation but also low levels of education and high levels of inequality, economic problems and war.
    • Believe that religious beliefs have been watered down and therefore should return back to the original beliefs of the religion.
    • Often return to the beliefs of an original text which their religion is based upon. They take these texts literally.
    • Ironically, they make maximum use of technology
    • They have a monopoly of truth - they believe that their religion is the 'right' one.
    • Fundamentalist groups tend to emerge in response to social inequality or (perceived) social crisis
    • Examples include the New Christian Right, who are a Protestant fundamentalist group in the USA
    • Steve Bruce believes that fundamentalism is a result of secularisation. He claims that the decline of religion undermines traditional religious faith,


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