Religious Organizations - Sects and Cults

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  • Sects and Cults
    • Ernst Troelstch
      • Sects have characteristics that are almost diametrically opposed to those of churches
        • 1. Both smaller and more strongly integrated than other religious organisations
        • 2. Sects are 'connected with the lower class, or at least with those in society who are opposed to the state and society
        • 3. far from being conservative and accepting the norms and values of society
        • 4. Sect members may be expected to withdraw from life outside of the sect
        • 5. Members of a sect are expected to be deeply committed to its beliefs
        • 6. Young children can't enter the sect through baptism as they aren't old enough to understand the significance of the ceremony
        • 7. Sects tend to believe they possess a monopoly of the religious truth
        • 8. If central authority exists within a sect, it usually rests with a single charismatic leader
    • Steve Bruce
      • The original sects were a product of the 'upheavals of the reformation'
      • Sects can prosper in modern society
      • Sects lead people to withdraw from the outside world
      • Members were expected to demonstrate their faith
      • Run by a charismatic leader
    • Waco - The Branch Dividians - David Koresh
      • Illegal possession of fire arms and explosives
      • Children harshly disciplined
      • Young girls told it was a privilege to reach puberty and become old enough to have sex with him
    • Jonestown - People's Temple - Jim Jones
      • 909 people killed themselves under Jones' order
        • People gave everything to the People's Temple under Jones' orders
    • Heaven's Gate
      • Sect for 21 years
      • Mass suicide
        • Some argue it was 1 suicide and 38 murders
    • Moonies - The Unification Church
      • 200+ weddings happen same place and time
      • Strict rules
        • No sex before marriage
        • Kissing takes away a part of your soul
        • No alcohol/drugs
    • Strong City
      • Rumours he laid naked with the virgins
      • Cult
      • Leader Michael Travesser claims he is the Messiah
        • Teenaged girls had sexual desires towards him
        • Looked forward to the end of the world - set dates for it


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