Sections of the Brain

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  • Sections of the Brain
      • Cerebral cortex is sub-divided into sensory areas, motor areas and association areas.
      • Sensory areas: Receive impulses indirectly from the receptors.
      • Motor areas: Send impulses to effectors (muscles and glands).
      • Association areas: Compare input with previous experiences in order to interpret what the input means and judge an appropriate response.
      • Involved in coordinated motor response. Neurones carry impulses to the motor areas so motor output to effectors can be adjusted.
      • Plays a key role in coordinating balance, fine movement and posture.
      • Processes sensory info from: The retina, balance organs in ear, spindle fibres in muscles.
      • Controls the autonomic nervous system and endocrine glands. Also controls most of the body's homeostatic mechanisms.
      • Sensory input from temperature receptors and osmoreceptors received by the hypothalamus and leads to initiation of automatic responses that regulate body temp and blood water potential.
      • Controls smooth muscle action i n gut wall, controls breathing movements and heart rate.
      • Controls non-skeletal muscles (cardiac and involuntary) - in control of autonomic nervous system. Cardiac centre and respiratory centre found here.


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