English language

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  • section A
    • question 1a
      • find 4 point is the article
      • write them in your onw words
      • check they are correct
    • question 1b
      • find 4 things you learn from the article
      • use connectives to develop your point
      • make sure you have evidence to surport your point
    • question 2
      • find all the answers to your question 'what do you learn'
      • use quotes
      • use connectives to develop your point
      • use connectives between points
    • question 3
      • recognise features of language and then quote them
        • comment on how these features help
      • use connectives to develop your point
      • use connectctives between points
    • question 4
      • pict 2 of 3 sources
      • recognise the features used and why they are used
      • compare the features in the sources
      • use connectives to compare


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