Mindmap of section 25 MCA 1973 factors

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  • section 25 MCA factors
    • section 25(1) FIRST consideration is welfare of the children
    • Section 25(2) All the circumstances of the case.
      • s25(2)(a)  financial resources of the parties.
      • s25(2)(b) present and future financial needs, obligations and resources of the parties.
      • s25(2)(d) age of parties and duration of marriage.
        • s25(2)(c) standard of living enjoyed by parties.
      • s25(2)(e) any physical or mental disability of either party.
      • s25(2)(f) contributions made by parties to the welfare of the family during the marriage and to be made in the future.
      • s25(2)(g) conduct of the parties IF that conduct is such that it would be inequitable to disregard it.
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