Section 1: Rights and responsibilities

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  • Section 1: Rights and Responsibilities
    • Christians and the Bible
      • Believe God speaks through Bible
      • Teachings on how to behave e.g. Decalogue
      • Others use other source of authority such as conscience
    • The authority of the church as a basis for making moral decisions
      • God speaks to them through the Church
      • Teachings of Church are teaching of Jesus
      • Church leaders give guidance o moral issues.
    • Christians and conscience
      • Believe voice of conscience is the same as the voice of God.
      • Church say christians should use conscience to tell them murder is wrong.
    • Christians and Situation Ethics
      • Believe Jesus followed Ethics when he healed on Sabbath, which was not allowed in old Testament.
      • They think you should only do what will produce good results.
      • believe Jesus statement "love God and love your neighbor  means Christians should always do what will have most loving results.
    • Christians and the variety of authorities
      • Although Catholics normally follow Church , some fail to accept the Churches ban on Condoms as a form of contraception
      • The Bible is more difficult to use for modern issues such as contraception or civil partnerships
      • They might turn to the Bible  or the Church if what their conscience was telling them was against Christian teaching.
    • Human Rights in the UK
      • Important because...
        • make sure UK Citizens are treated fairly and equally by the state.
        • If any rights are abused citizens have a right to go to court, even if abuser is a police officer.
        • having rights gives all citizens of UK a duty to respect the rights of other people.
    • Why rights are important for Christians
      • The right to life is a basic Christian belief.
      • Believe all people are made in the image of God
      • Freedom of thought, conscience, religion, freedom of expression are an essential part of being christian
      • Believe in justice and many human rights are about justice.
    • The importance of democratic and electoral processes
      • voting gives people a chance to choose and affect government councils, these have a big influence set taxes etc. People should have a say in how this is done.
      • If people in UK don't use their rights, a small number of people could elect a government which took away our rights so that they could treat us badly.
      • In time past people fought to have these electoral and democratic rights, and so citizens should use them.
    • Christian teachings on moral duties and responsibilities
      • The Golden Rule, which states...
      • The parable of the Sheep and the Goats
      • The story of Cain and Abel
    • Genetic Engineering
      • Some Disagree..
        • It treats the human body as no different from plants.
        • It has effects which cannot be changed, so anything went wrong it would be permanent.
        • Not enough info about long-term consequences.
      • Some Agree...
        • Can lead to cures for dreadful diseases
        • Cloning using animal eggs does not involve any loss of human life.
        • Genetic engineering is closely monitored by the law, but has vast potential benefit.
    • Christian attitudes to Genetic Engineering
      • Some agree...
        • Jesus showed that Christians should do all they can to cure disease.
        • Finding genetic cures is no different from finding drug cures.
        • There is a difference between creating cells and creating people.
      • Some disagree...
        • Believe God creates the genetic make-up of each person at conception & people have no right to interfere with this.
        • It is trying to play God which is a great sin.
        • Its wrong to try to make the earth perfect, only heaven is perfect.


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