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  • Section B
    • Nature
      • Frankenstein "sublime" "calm" "rain pattered"
        • "dreary night of November"
      • TBC: "night" "Autumn"
      • Untitled
      • Macbeth "upon the Heath"
    • Women
      • Macbeth "dash'd the brains out"
        • "unsex me"
      • Frankenstein "cherub"
        • Elizabeth- "Everyone loved Elizabeth"
        • "Crown of distinction"
        • Caroline-"Plaited straw"- ties the household together
          • "Like a protecting spirit"- reflects how women need protection from a male.
      • TBC: "she watched narrowly" "she screams; she falls" / "medusa"
        • Titular story
          • Mother- "shot a man-eating tiger"/"eagle"
            • Uses the father's gun so she takes on masculine.
      • The Werewolf
        • "Take your father's hunting knife, you know how to use it"- takes on masculine traits
    • Setting
      • "dreary night of November"- premodification-
        • "November"- season of death.
      • "rain pattered dismally"- post modification
        • "pattered- verb is soft, which reflects the Creature's innocence.
      • MACBETH
        • "Where shall we three meet again"/"in thunder, lightning and in rain"- weather acts as a warning of the supernatural.
        • "upon the heath"
      • TBC
        • "turret suite"
          • phallic imagery.
        • The Werewolf
          • "Cold weather"
        • The Company of Wolves
          • "forest"
        • The Erl-King
          • "woods"
      • "Alps"
      • Death
        • "she began to melt"
        • "pelted her"
    • sexuality
      • Frankenstein "company of men"
        • "everyone loved Elizabeth"
    • obsession
      • "sleepless night" "pursue" "passionate" "pursuit" "warning"
        • Untitled
  • "you shall be my first victim"
  • "red lips"
  • Trangression
    • Macbeth "come to my women breast and take my milk for gall"
    • Frankenstein: "
      • "dash'd the brain out"


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