Section B

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  • Section B
    • Word level
      • adjectives verb and adverbs
      • connectives
      • punctuation
    • Sentence level
      • short sentemces
      • paragraphs
      • opening + closing sentence
      • grammar
      • audience
    • Techniques
      • Fact
        • something that can be proven to be true
        • Facts make the text seem accurate and believeable
      • Rhetorical question
        • A question that doesn't require a answer
        • engages that reader to make the text seem relevent to them
      • Rule of three
        • List of three things in a sentence
          • Smoking is expensive, harmful and anti-social.
        • makes the text catchy and rememberale
      • Alliteration
        • makes the text catchy and easy to remember
        • A group of word that have the same letter or sound
        • She sell seashells
      • counter arguments
      • repetition


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