Section 3: Maths assignment

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  • Section 3: Maths Assignment
    • Define addition
    • Five Principles of counting (Gelman and Gallistel)
      • The one to one correspondence principle
        • 1. Matching counting words to items.
      • The stable order principle
        • 2. Repeat counting words in order- in order to count they must reproduce this order.
      • The cardinal principle
        • 3. The final number in the count is the cardinal number of the set-represents the number in the set.
      • The abstract principle
        • 4. We can count anything they do not need to all be the same object
      • The order irrelevance principle.
        • 5. Count in any order, any object, any form.
    • Concrete resources
    • Iconic imagery
    • Resources for counting
      • counting stick
      • Number line
      • Numicon
        • The use of structural apparatus
      • Multilink cubes
      • Dienes apparatus
        • The use of structural apparatus
    • Research around children's early recording of calculations.
    • Links to the national curriculum
      • Year One
        • add and subtract one-digit and two digit numbers to 20
        • solve one-step problems that involve addition  using concrete objects and pictorial representations
      • Year 2
        • add using concrete objects, pictorial representations and mentally.


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