Section 1, Chapter 5

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  • What managers do
    • the academic study of what managers do
      • Henri Fayol
        • 'to manage is to forecast and plan, to organise, to command, to co-ordinate and to control'
      • Henry Mintzberg
        • Identified 6 characteristics
          • 1. Managers process large open-ended workloads under tight time pressure
          • 2. Managerial activités are short in duration , varied and fragmented and often self-initiated
          • 3. Managers prefer action-driven activities and hate letters and paperwork
          • 4. They prefer verbal communications through meetings and phone calls
          • 5. They maintain relationships mainly with subordinates and external parties
          • 6. Their involvement in the execution of the work is limited though they initiate many of the decisions
      • Peter Drucker
        • 1. Set clear objectives that all staff believe in
        • 2. Find the right team for meeting the objectives
        • 3. Help ensure that all staff are motivated
        • 4. Help staff learn to learn
    • The role of managers should include:
      • setting objectives
        • managers need a clear idea of what they want to achieve
      • analysing
        • analysing the underlying conditions the business faces
        • analysing the performance of different staff
        • analysing how effectively objectives are being met
      • leading
        • inspiring staff commitment to achieving the goals, in whatever way works for the individual
      • Making decisions
        • 'getting decisions made' it may be that the manger will delegate the task to junior staff
      • reviewing
        • hard to do when the outcome from a decision has been poor


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