Secondary Storage

OCR Secondary Storage

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  • Secondary Storage
    • Definition: Long term, non-volatile storage
    • Usually much LARGER than main memory
      • We require more of it so it needs to be CHEAP
        • Cheaper technologies have SLOWER access speeds
    • Needs to be ROBUST & RELIABLE
    • Features requiring consideration
      • CAPACITY
      • SPEED
    • Examples of different types
      • MAGNETIC
        • Oldest
        • Floppy Disks, Hard Disks and Tapes
        • Cheap and high capacity
          • Moving parts make it slow
          • Goes wrong more often than solid state
          • Vulnerable to damage
        • Magnetic Disks are read with a moving head inside the disk drive
        • Tapes are read by moving them past a read-write head
      • OPTICAL
        • Lasers write data on to the disk and read from it as well
        • CDs and DVDs
        • Vulnerable to damage
        • Can be ROM or Rewritable
        • Memory sticks and memory cards
        • No moving parts
          • Cheaper and Smaller
        • Type of RAM and is a good replacement for a hard disk in phones, tablets etc.


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