Secondary Research Methods

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  • Secondary Research Methods
    • Historic document
      • Church Records
        • Members are baptized, married and funerals and churches record there names addresses and dates
          • Researchers can see how long people lived and how many children
      • Wills
        • Tell's the family size and structure  and how they values there servants and family
      • Creative expression
        • Can do with Art and Paintings ETC learns about life and attitudes
    • Personal Documents
      • Diaries
        • Provides insight into daily life -- Gender roles , norms and values and attitudes to historical events
      • Letters
        • Provides insight into personal experiences
    • Mass Media
      • Events of recent past
      • Attitudes to particular issues
      • Stereotypes of different groups
      • Coverage given to different crimes
      • Moral Panics
      • News Values
      • Political Agendas
    • Official Statistics
      • Published by governments offices
    • Triangulation
      • Using more data using 2 or more methods


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