Was the period from 1941-1945 a turning point?

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  • Second World War
    • 1941 Formation of MOWM; A Philip Randolph
      • In 1941, A philip Randolph suggested a march on washington by thousands of black people, in order to challenge employment.
    • 1941 Roosevelt forced to create FEPC
      • The congregation of African Americans in Employment Practices Commission (FEPC)
    • 1942 Formation of CORE
      • The congress of racial equality (CORE) was set up in 1942 to seek equality for African Americans. It organised sit-in protests at segregation in areas such as shops and pools. This idea was influential in the civil rights movements in the 1960s.
    • 'Double V' campaign
      • Wrote an article in a black newspaper to show the discrimination - was a small step toward complete emancipation
    • 1944 Smith v Allright
      • The supreme court decision in Smith V. Allright outlawed the 'white primary' in Texas. The number of black registered voters in the US rose from 2% in 1940 to 12% in 1947. A few black people managed to get elected for state legislatures and in NY Adam Clayton Powell went further and was elected to the Federal House of Representitives.
    • Segregation in army
      • Although African Americans had important jobs in the army they were still segregated - especially in the navy


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