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  • second episode
    • chorus
      • men are sexist
      • one day women will be honoured
      • medea is a woman who has been unjustly treated by siociety
    • jason says he 'will not desert a friend '
      • she gave everything up for him and in return he gave her up for everything else
      • jason says he did not marry for love but her money
        • he married glauce so he could provide for his family
    • jason offers to help find friends who will welcome her but medea will have none of it
    • he thinks economically not emotionally
    • jason has little respect for women and their emotions so we dislike him
    • chorus
      • creates pity
        • meadea is in exile as she has no home and does not belong
        • 'neither the city of corinth nor any friend has taken pity'


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