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  • Second New Deal 1935
    • Opposition
      • Supreme Court
        • Sick Chicken Case
      • Judiciary Reform Bill
      • Roosevelt Recession
    • Wagner Act
      • Trade Union given basic legal rights
      • Collective bargaining
      • ensured fair play between employers and their workforce
    • The Revenue Act
      • Raises taxes to pay for New Deal
      • 'Soak the Rich' Act
    • Social Security Act
      • Pension for elderly and disabled
      • First time Federal government is involved in welfare
      • It was self funding- recipients had to pay into it
    • Favoured the poor over the rich
    • Why did Roosevelt make a Second New Deal?
      • respond to demands of more radical supporters, to prevent opposition
      • Congress demanded more radical measures
      • He wanted to appeal to the less advantaged parts of society
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