Search algorithms

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  • Search algorithm
    • Binary search
      • 1) Find the middle item in the ordered list
      • 2) If this the the item then stop search
      • 3) If not compare the item to the middle item. This gives you two halves
      • 4) You need to repeat steps 1) - 3) until you find the item
      • 1b) (n+1) / 2 to find the middle item
      • Better at larger lists
    • Linear search
      • Checks each item of the list in turn to see if it's the correct one
      • 1) Look at the first item in the unordered list
      • 2) If this is the item then stop
      • 3) If not, look at next item
      • 4) Repeat 2) - 3) until you have checked every item
      • Much simpler but not as efficient. Best at small lists
      • Once a list is ordered, binary searches are more efficient


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