Sea-level rise- case study: East Anglia

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  • East Anglia sea-level rise
    • Environmental effects
      • valuable agricultural land will be at a greater risk from flooding
      • loss of salt marsh= effect on birds, and salt tolerant plants
    • Social effects
      • communities destroyed as people move away
      • loss of life: storm surge killing 300 people
      • as sea levels rise, lower Thames estuary at risk from flooding affecting housing, industry and farmland
    • Political effects
      • settlements such as King's Lynn may be under threat
      • Current sea defences will need strengthening= expensive
      • As sea levels rise, erosion rates likely to increase threatening coastal settlements
    • Economic effects
      • roads, houses, towns and villages at risk
      • less tourism due to flooding (tourism is very important for economy)
      • thames barrier replacement in 30 years will be expensive




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