Systems Development Life Cycle - Design and Implementation

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  • SDLC
    • Design
      • Drawing up detailed designs for every element of the new system
      • HW Design
        • Physical design of new devices that may be needed
          • Eg. Bespoke data entry devices like scanners or specialised custom keyboards
      • Creating the Design Spec for SW
        • Design of Output - reports such as invoices, payslips etc.
        • Design of Input Methods - include design of forms
        • Design of Processes - Queries, macros, calculations etc.
        • Design of Data and File Structures - Allow a useable system to be built. Include the design of fields and table structure
      • Design of Networks and Transmission Issues - include topology, type of cable, protocols etc
      • Security Processes and Procedures - i.e.. registering with the Information Commission(er) and including where data is stored, access levels etc.
      • Design of House Style & Ethos
    • Implement (ation)
      • What Happens During This?
        • HW & SW is installed on site
        • Staff are trained in the use of the new system
        • Systems are then switched
      • Changeover Strategies
        • Direct Changeover
          • Stop using the old system one day and start using the new system the next day
          • Problems
            • Risk - Particularly if the HW & SW are cutting edge
            • If the system fails, then it can be disastrous to the business
          • Advantages
            • Requires fewer resources and is simple, provided nothing goes wrong
        • Parallel Changeover
          • Old ICT system is run alongside the new ICT system for  period of time until all people involved with the new system are happy it is working correctly
          • Advantages
            • Used to minimise the risk in introducing new system
            • Can compare results and be sure it is working properly
          • Problems
            • Lots of unnecessary work (duplication of effort) - expensive in time & equipment


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