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  • Scout's Character
    • Fairminded
      • "incomprehe-nsible"
        • sees through prejudice
        • Boo R. is more believable than racism
      • "How do you know we ain't *****es?"
        • innocent
        • questioning the prejudice of the system
        • child can see we're the same on the inside
      • "only children weep"
      • "there's only one type of folks. Folks"
        • Cant't understand racism
    • Grew intelligent as story progressed"
      • "it'd be sorta like shootin' a mocking-bird"
        • used fstgers complex metsaphor successfully
        • fairminded
      • "people were just peculiar"
        • shows understand-ing
    • Someone who needs to adapt
      • "I was being a girl"
        • Sees herself like Jem
        • Sexist
      • "chameleon lady" "reign"
        • Abe to change to fit in
        • shows respect
          • Wants to adapt
    • Innocent/ naive
      • "reasonable description of Boo"
        • Looks up to Jem
        • Ironic tone
        • contrasts to narrators knowledge
      • "six-and-a-half feet tall"
      • "provocated"
        • tries to copy adults dialect unsucces-fully
        • wants to be older
    • Narrating Scout is intelligent
      • "imprudent" "son-of-a-*****-had-it-coming-to-him"
        • adopts the lexis of the person she describes
        • Able to use legalistic lexis
    • Ingrained with societies thoughts
      • "he's just a *****"
        • Scouts own prejudice
        • said without malice
        • trained into her


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