National 5 History: Unit 1 Migration & Empire- Scottish Emigration PULL FACTORS

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  • Scottish Emigration PULL FACTORS
    • Oppertunities
      • Gold was discovered
      • There was lots of land available, particularly in the American west and in Canada
    • Transport
      • Invention of the steamship reduced the time and cost to travel
      • The time travel across the Atlantic
        • 1914= around 1 week
        • 1850=6 weeks
    • Religion
      • David Livingstone
        • Doctor & explorer
          • Made first links with malaria and mosquitos
      • Alexander Duff
        • Set up Madras college in India
      • Dr Jane Watson
        • Set up schools in South Africa
      • Some emigrants hoped to persuade people in other lands who were not Christians to join the Christian religion.
        • These people were called missionaries as it was their 'Mission' to spread the word of the Lord
    • Persuasion
      • Relations, family and friends wrote letters back telling of great success
      • Newspapers ran adverts describing the better lives waiting for those who would emigrate.
      • Stories of great wealth being accumulated – people like Andrew Carnegie
    • Emigration Help
      • Landowners
        • Colonel Gorden evicted 1770 people and failed to fund passage to Canada properly
        • Helped fund people as they didn't want them on their land
          • Duke of Hamilton & Lord Selkirk
      • Government Money
        • 1880s £10,000 given to help highlanders emigrate
        • Overseas Settlement Commitee, helping ex-servicemen overseas
        • Empire Settlement Act 1922- £3 million a year to help travel
      • Charities
        • Barnardos
        • Young Men Christian Association
          • Sent men to former colonies between WW1 and WW2
        • William Quarrier
          • Sent orphans to Canada for a better life
            • He fiunded nearly 7,000 children in total
      • Colonial Governments
        • Gave talks & leaflets/posters advertising their land


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