National 5 History: Unit 2 Migration & Empire- Scottish Emigration PUSH

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  • Scottish Emigration PUSH
    • Agricultural Depression
      • A downturn in money made from land & fishing
        • Wet weather
        • Machinery cut down worker needed
        • Many people moved to towns & citites
        • High rents in the country
      • Scottish potato famine
    • Highland Clearances
      • Rent increased rapidly in the Highlands
        • Many people were evicted and had their emigration fares paid for them
      • Landowners decided they would make more money with grouse shooting/deer hunting
      • The people were increasingly seen as a burden on the land. The landowners were looking for profit and the people did not give enough in rent of surplus crops.
    • Poverty & Unemployment
      • Homelessness was high in the 1800s
      • There was a series of crop failures meant people were hungry or had no income
      • Lack of opportunities after first world war
      • The potato blight of 1847 spread to Scotland and left thousands of Highlanders close to starvation.
    • Prisoners
      • Up until 1867 Prisoners convicted of serious crimes were often sent to Austrailia
        • Many convicts after serving their time stayed out there & their families came to join them
    • Other
      • Wages were low for the unskilled.
      • Living conditions were awful in the slums of the cities.
      • Working conditions were bad, with people, like navvies and miners, working long hours and often in dangerous conditions.


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