Scottish Independence Referendum

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  • Scottish Independence Referendum
    • When was it?
      • Thursday 18th September
    • What was the Question?
      • "Do you think Scotland should be an independent country?"
        • The original question, "Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?" could mislead people to say yes
    • Who took part?
      • Scotland
        • In 1934, the Scottish Independence Party was established
          • Won the 2007 election where they formed a minority government
            • 2011 Holyrood election the SNP became the first party to win a majority, secured a mandate to have a referendum
    • What was the result?
      • Voter turnout: 84.6%
        • Yes Vote: 44.70%
          • No Vote: 55.30%
    • Yes Campaign
    • No Campaign
      • Scotland has been a part of the UK for around 300 years
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