National 5 History Unit 1: Migration & Empire- Scots Abroad

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  • Scots Abroad
    • Where did they go?
      • England
        • Close by, higher pay and more opportunities
      • India
        • Part of the British Empire, many Scots were already there as soldiers or officials.
      • North America
        • USA
          • Long tradition. Both had been close with Britain due to British Empire
            • Canada
        • Canada
      • Australasia
        • Initially due to prisoners being sent as punishment
        • Good climate, opportunities and gold found
    • What did they do?
      • Politics
        • James Ramsey McDonald
          • First Labour Prime Minister
            • Appointed the first female minister
        • Andrew Fisher
          • Prime Minister of Australia
            • Known for being the founder of the statutory structure in Australia
        • John McDonald
          • The first prime minister of Canada
            • He helped establish the Canadian Pacific Railway
      • Agriculture
        • John Muir
          • Helped establish national parks in the USA such as Yosemite National Park
        • Sheep farming in Australasia
      • Engineering
        • Andrew Carnegie
          • Led the enormous expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century
      • Education
        • Alexander Duff
          • Set up Madras College in India
    • Scots unwanted in foreign lands
      • Natives vs newcombers
        • The native Americans & Aborigines were disturbed by people coming into their land
          • European intruders had better weapons and they did not stand a chance


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