Scotland & France

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  • Scottish & French Relations
    • The Auld Alliance
      • An old alliance between Scotland and France.
      • Dated 1295
      • Caused Henry to be very wary of his Northern and Southern neighbors.
        • Henry had never been on the best terms with France (He wanted to extend his empire!) and since they were such good buddies, a step wrong could leave him in jeopardy.
    • The Treaty of Perpetual Peace
      • The marriage of Henry's sister Margaret to the King of Scotland, King James IV made 'perpetual peace' between England and France
      • 1502
  • The Battle of Flodden
    • Scotland still rushed to protect France when Henry invaded, Catherine of Aragon defended England well and the Scottish king died, leaving the country in a position of weakness.
    • Margaret took the throne as the hier was only a baby at the time. This obviously improved English-Scottish relations.
      • However, Scottish Nobility frowned upon her marriage to the Earl of Angus and she was consequently dropped, leaving the very Pro-French Duke of Albany to take her place.
    • After the Battle of Flodden, many Scots turned against the Auld Alliance, contemplating whether England would be a better friend. Many considered France to only use the treaty on their terms.
    • 1513


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