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  • Score Context
    • Cultural Context
      • New musical era
      • People have become more 'wild'
        • Hippies, Drugs
      • 'Cultural Revolution' (1963)
      • Swinging Sixties
      • Fashion mirrored culture e.g. Mini Skirt
        • Desinged by Mary Quant to LIBERATE women
    • Historical Context
      • Decriminalisation of homosexuality (1967)
      • Decriminalisation of abortions (1967)
      • Contraceptive pill legalised (1967)
      • Labour Government
      • Second Wave Feminism
      • Vietnam War
        • British Musicians such as John Lennon brought it to the attention of the British people
      • Post War Boom Period
      • Untitled
    • Intertextuality; James Bond
  • Score (1967)
    • The ad can be seen to empower women
      • Wearing Mini Skirts
        • Desinged by Mary Quant to LIBERATE women
    • In 1967 homosexuality couldn't be explicit
      • 'Get what you've always wanted'
        • This could potentially refer to acting on, previously criminal, homosexual desires
        • This creates an enigma due to it having multiple meanings
        • A disequilibrium because we don't have it
    • The man is holding a gun
      • Taken by force
        • MEN want power
          • The UK want power
      • Threat is subverted through his bodylanguage
        • Closed body language = Beta Male
    • A look becomes a gaze when desire is added
      • The women are gazing at him
        • Making other men desire/ gaze at the ideology
        • Men are gazing a the man


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