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  • SCLC
    • Birmingham 1963
      • King led this march into the racist Birmingham, where they faced opposition from Bull Connor. Was a success as it showed how rascist it still was as well as getting national attention
    • Selma 1965
      • King led would-be voters to a courthouse, where blacks experienced much violence. It helped to pass the next voting rights act.
    • Chicago 1965
      • King decided to move to the North adn try to improve the conditions in ghettos, such as chronic black unemployment and over-crowded schools. however, it was a massively unsuccessful, mostly because he was unwanted there.
    • March on Washington 1963
      • Was highly successful as it helped to get the next civil rights bill passes through as well as showing that all organisations could work well together and that it integrated many southern school/public transports
    • Meredith March 1966
      • King was struggling to remain non-violent because of his competitors, since they were being very critical and increasingly militant.
    • Greensboro sit ins 1960
      • Played a minor role in the Greensboro sit ins as King joined the protest late- he was led rather than leading


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