Scientific explanations and Christian response

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  • Scientific explanations of the world
    • Atheism - not believing in God.
      • Agnosticism - not being sure whether God exists
    • The most popular scientific theory is the 'big bang'. It is the idea that an explosion occurred 15billion years ago and from it the world came into being
      • without involvement of any outside power
    • Charles Darwin believed that all living things had evolved and adapted.
      • His theory suggests that God did not create life uniquely, but rather it all came from ONE SOURCE.
    • This could lead to doubt of God's existence because there is evidence to support theories eg. fossils
      • Fundamentalists  reject science because they believe the bible is factual and that the world was created by an omnipotent God in 6days
      • Other Christians believe that the bible can be interpreted and some stories actually represent a greater truth, eg. 6 days = 6 ages. They accept science telling us how the world came into being, but tells us WHY
      • Some believe that the physical world can be explained without God, but the inside beauty cannot. They believe there must have been a power behind its beginning (God)


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