Science- beliefs in society

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  • Beliefs in society- science
    • Summary
      • Emerged in Enlightenment period
      • Undermined Religion- such as Darwin's theory of evolution
      • Empirical evidence used
      • Objective + value-free
      • identifies issues and resolves them (such as Durkheim's Suicide study)
      • No belief in supernatural
    • Poppers hypothetico-deductive method
      • 1) Hypothesis formulation- statement scientist is trying to prove
      • 2) falsification- needs to be proven false to be objective
      • 3) Prediction- the cause-and-effect relationship should it occur again
      • 4) Theory Formulation- Test hypothesis (if it cant be falsified) it's likely to be true
      • 5) Scrutiny- comes under strutiny + is true until new evidence comes against it
    • Kuhn
      • Science is a social construct
      • Groups of scientists create theories which fit the paradigm they work under until vast amounts of evidence disproves it
      • Science therefore isn't value-free
      • Thus they overlook  evidence which doesn't fit in the paradigm
    • Evaluation
      • hasn't resolved every problem + has created many (such as global warming)
      • Marxists and feminists argue it helps Capitalism and patriarchy as it is mainly concerned w/ profit instead of (potentially) the safety- Pacific Gas and Electric Company
      • People use alternative medicnes suich as natural remedies as they dont trust science
      • Lyng- Postmod. Rejects meta-narratives as they don't have monopoly of truth
      • Giddens- people no longer trust science as it no long brings full certainty


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