Science as a religion

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  • science as a religion
    • dawkins
      • sicence is superior, the truth
      • cumulative, objective, testable, empirical
      • cognitive power
        • can explain and control the world in a way no other can
    • merton
      • grew during enlightenment, supports economic development and military.
      • operates within CUDOS norms
        • communism (shared knowledge)
        • disinterestedness (objective)
        • universalism
        • organised scepticism (open to criticsm)
    • karl popper
      • science is an open belief system
      • principle of falsification
      • can always be questuioned
    • Robert horton
      • sicence is an open and a closed belief system
    • Thomas kuhn
      • science is a closed belief system
      • operates within a paradigm, challenge is ridiculted
        • an model of existing knowledge or evidence which dominates scientific thinking
      • revolutionary scientists can cause a paradigm shift
        • a dramatic change in explanations to replace with new ones
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