School based magazine: Initial Ideas

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  • School Magazine: Initial Ideas
    • Target Audience
      • Niche
        • my magazine is targeted at sixth formers from a certain school. It wouldn't be viewed by lower school or students from other schools making it niche.
    • Purpose
      • To Promote: events, credits to the school.
      • To Inform: Tips, Social, Education
    • Front Image
      • School Logo
        • informs what school the magazine is aimed at
      • Interesting action shots
        • shows unity of different people getting along
      • Girl holding books smiling
        • shows 6th form is a happy time learning what you want to learn.
        • Smart clothes to show the students are well-rounded people
    • 'Written by sixth formers for sixth formers'
      • Shows the audience content will be genuine and reliable
    • Lures
      • EXCLUSIVE!
      • 'The secret to balancing good grades and social life
        • vocab that makes the reader want to know more
          • EXCLUSIVE!
    • Price
      • Free - as it's an in school magazine
        • It would be available for all sixth formers
    • Masthead
      • 'Sixth Sense'
      • Font
        • 1.Poplar Std  2.Tempus Sans ICT
          • Modern, Bold, Easy on the eye fonts.
            • 'Sixth Sense'


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