School diversity

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  • School Diversity
    • Specialist schools extra emphasis on one or two subjects. they receive extra funding to support it (ended 2010 replaced by academies and free schools)
    • Grammar schools select all or most of their pupils based on academic ability
    • Academies independent managed schools set up buy sponsors from business, faith or voluntary groups. they have more control over their finances, the curriculum  and teachers' pay and conditions
    • Independent/ private school set their own curriculum and admissions policies. Funded by fees paid by parents and investors
    • Special schools special educational needs (SEN). includes learning and physical disabilities. Funded by local education authority or are independent.
    • Faith schools run the same way as state school. Their faith status may be reflected in their religious education curriculum, admission criteria and staffing policies
    • State-funded comprehensive schools educates all pupils regardless of their background or ability. Access to same level + quality of education
    • Free schools brand-new schools set up by teachers,vharities,commuintyect directly from central government. con tool over their finances, curriculum and teachers' pay and conditions


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