Schleiermacher 's Views

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  • Schleiermacher
    • Influenced by Spinoza (God is in everything and everything is God - Pantheism)
    • He did not reject the usual church (with rituals, prayers etc) but this is the result in seeking religion rather religion itself
      • The true 'church' is made of those who have a relationship with God who can be found in everything
    • Schleiermacher does not give any one religion the right to claim truth
      • 'Truth-Claims' (Jesus is the Son of God) - are just part of each religion's external 'husk' and can be disregarded
    • Inner experience is all that matters
    • Religion should be peaceful, not divisive
    • Someone who tried to separate the 'kernal' and the 'husk'
      • The 'husk' (rituals etc) are important, but not on their own. The central 'kernal' (inner feelings) has to exist for the husk to be important
    • Religion is personal and subjective


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