Schizophrenia -Types and Characteristics

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  • Schizophrenia
    • Types
      • Disorganised
        • Disorganised behavior and rambling incoherent speech
      • Catatonic
        • Psychomotor abnormality
      • Paranoid
        • hallucinations and delusions
      • Undifferentiated
        • patient shows symptoms of schizophrenia but does not fit into the three other types.
      • Residual
        • Patients who have once suffered from more extreme schizophrenia but who now only have milder symptoms, such as bizarre thoughts.
    • Characteristics
      • Loss of contact with reality
      • Muddled or confused thoughts
    • Symptoms
      • Positive
        • Hallucinations
        • Delusions
        • Thought Disorder
        • Disorganised speech
        • Catatonic behaviour
      • Negative
        • Affective flattening (lack of emotional expression)
        • Alogia (lack of speech)
        • Avolition (lack of motivation)
        • Anhedonia (inability to feel pleasure)
        • Asociality (lacking in social interactions)


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