Cognitive Psychology: Schema Theory

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  • Schema Theory
    • We use our schemas of things and events to reconstruct our memories and experiences.
    • It is made up of all our previous experiences and expectations of an event.
      • E.g. our schema of a car would be "broken glass", "blood" and "chaos" causing us to recall things that may have not been present at the time.
    • Bartlett concludes that we don't remember all we perceive therefore we use our schemas to recall an event to fill in the gaps of our memory.
    • Each schema has fixed information and variable information.
      • E.g. our schema of going to a restaurant will involve fixed information such as being waited on, choosing the menu and paying for dinner. However variable information would be the dinner conversation, what you eat and the cost of the meal.
    • Bartlett argues that we don't remember what we perceive but we use info from our schemas to fill in gaps we recall therefore we reconstruct memory.


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