Schaffer and Emerson Key study

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  • KEY STUDY: Schaffer & Emmerson
    • AIM: Study the development of attachment through...
      • Stranger Distress
      • Separation Anxiety
    • They studied 60 babies  and their caregivers in Glasgow
      • They visited the families  monthly and then when the baby turned 18 months.
      • They also interviewed the babies parents.
      • Most babies started showing separation anxiety at 6-8 months
        • Stranger anxiety usually followed a month later
      • Who were the babies were attached to?
        • 65% of babies had their first attachment with their mother
        • Only 3%  had their first attachment with their fathers
        • 30% of babies formed attachment to two people at the same time
      • After the first attachments were formed most babies formed multiple attachments with people they saw regularly.


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