Scene 6

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  • Scene 6
    • Hyman speculates her fear of the Nazis is a product of feeling vulnerable and unloved.
    • Gellburg waits & chats over cocoa with Margaret- irritate each other
      • Margaret leaves when Hyman enters
    • He explains to sexually confident Hyman about his problems
    • Hyman office
    • Gellburg says he has been following his advice about having sex
    • Gellburg expresses own feeling of persecution and anxiety that Sylvia is pretending to hurt him
    • Gellburg says he has a 'big yen' for Sylvia one night when she was sleeping and made love to her- she responded physically- next morning didn't remember
      • Gets worked up
    • Hyman asks abruptly if Sylvia said anything about him
      • Gellburg storms out- Hyman remains guilty
    • Margaret come in suspicious


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