Scene 1

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  • Scene 1
    • Office of Dr.Hyman
    • Phillip waits to hear about wife condition
    • Phillip- intense, black suit
    • Margaret's energy contrasts with Gellburg's limpness
    • Hyman riding clothes- Prince charming
    • Identity crisis- 'Goldburg" reinforces sense of being stereotyped
    • Both men talk about women & Hyman attempt to bond reinforces his masculinity and Gellburg's anxiety about his own
      • sterotype of emasculated Jewish man and associates masculinity with power
    • Gellburg thinks nothing can be done for Anti-Semitism- Jews bring it for themselves
    • Unable to find explanation for Sylvia's paralysis- believe she suffers from 'hysterical paralysis
    • Sex related questions- Gellburg says healthy sex life
    • Only Jew at Brooklyn Guarantee Trust
    • Hyman & Margaret end with sexual scenes- contrast


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