Street car scene 1 mind map

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  • scene 1
    • this is Blanches first scene
    • Stanley throws meat at Stella, her reaction shows a physical attraction.
    • Blanche carries a "valise, this is french for a small over night bag.
    • Eunice and Steve own the place
    • Blanche is tired when she sees Stella
    • Blanche says she is unwell
    • Blanche mothers Stella
    • Blanche shows the first sign of alcohol dependancy
    • Stella doesn't tell Blanche she is pregnant even though Blanche comments on her weight.
    • Blanche makes Stella feel guilty for the loss of Belle Reve
    • Stanley's friends are refered to as "species"
    • Stanley is very doninant and sees Stella and Blanch as below him.
    • Stanley sexually classifies Blanch-smiling
    • Blanche and Stella begin to reconnect again
    • Stanley checks the alcohol bottle. as if checking his possesions.
    • Blanche talks about her lover and her marriage
    • We discover that Stanley sexually classifies women.


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