Scene 11

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  • Scene 11
    • Gellburg should forgive Sylvia, forgive himself, the Jews and the goyim- Hyman leaves
    • His job he believes is over- he feels his boss treated him unfairly- also comes to realisation that Sylvia fears him
    • Margaret pushes Sylvia in- final conversation
    • Gellburg's bedroom, Hyman examines him and tells him to go hospital- refuses
    • He wants his wife back- Hyman tells him to look in the mirror and see that he hates himself that is scaring Sylvia to death
    • Gellburg wants to talk about being Jewish- Gellburg wonders how there can be Jews if there is no God
    • Phillip acknowledges her fears and begs her forgiveness
    • Realising that he has hurt her, he has a fatal heart attack- Sylvia struggles to break free of wheelchair and rises to her feet
    • With combination of hope and alarm takes a step towards her husband


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