Othello scene 2

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  • Scene 2
    • Iago believes that he kills in war but has a conscience so doesn't murder but he could have killed the person who told Brabantio about O
      • he claims the person spoke 'scurvey' indicating he acknowledges that what he said is awful and did it purposefully
      • B is much loved an dcould easily break up the marriage if his word is respected as much as the duke's
        • see powerpoint slides for O's reaction
      • 'by janus' two faced God - hinting at his real personality
    • 'the goodness of the night upon you, friends' - love for his friends not just himself
    • O is called to the duke because of the battle in Cyprus
    • B comes and O refuses to fight
      • 'the dew will rust them'
        • 'dew' natural and he would natuarally won if they had a fight / also it is natural for D and O to get married
      • if he needed to fight he would have known it
      • O will willingly go where b wants him to
        • he thinks that their love will win in the end
          • a fool in love
        • he doesn't want to lose the little status that he has got
          • he loves that more than he could ever love any other person
            • love for himself
        • if their relationship is meant to be it will happen
    • B's speech on PP handouts
    • B wants O to go to prison until the situation is resolved
      • take away all of his rights
        • love for his own status
          • fear he would lose I if she married a black person
            • 'Bring him away'
              • call away the duke because his issue is more important than anything happening in the world
              • if nothing happens 'bondslaves' will rule the country
              • everybody will think of it as if it is their own daughter so a stop must be put to it immediately
        • love for his daughter
          • protect her from witchcraft


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