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  • Scanning
    • MRI
      • Allows the structure of the brain to be seen, therefore whether there is damage.
      • They are placed under a large scanner where a magnetic field is passed through their head.
      • Hydrogen concentrations vary in different area's of the brain, using this a detailed image can be made.
      • Nuclei of atoms spin in a particular way when placed in a magnetic field.
    • PET
      • Produces an image of the activity in the brain.
      • Can show malfunctioning parts of the brain.
      • patients given an injection of of either glucose or water labelled with a radioactive tracer.
      • As the tracer decays it emits positrons.
      • The more glucose or water taken up the more positrons are released so the more active that part of the brain is.
      • The positrons collide with elctrons forming gamma rays which are detected by a scanner.


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