Scale of production mind map

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  • Scale of production
    • One off production
      • Making "custom" products
        • Eg: Paintings/ sculptures
      • Each item is different/ unique
        • Items are usually very expensive/ custom made
      • Very labour intensive
        • Takes time to create a product
        • Leads to product to be very EXPENSIVE
        • Usually highly skilled workers
    • Batch production
      • Produce in specific quantities
        • Batches go through each process together
        • Batches can be repeated
          • Down time (between batches)
      • Used for leaflets, brochures and posters
      • Labour force+ machinery needs to be flexible
      • not as efficient as mass production
        • Backlog of half assembled products
    • Mass production
      • Making thousands of identical products
        • Extremely efficient
        • Specialised equipment in order to maximise efficiency
          • Expensive
      • Newspapers/ magazines
        • Produce for the mass market
      • Secondary workforce
        • Large supply
        • Does not require a highly skilled workforce
      • Stages of production
        • Repetitive tasks
          • Assembly line
        • Each worker does a small part of the process= specialisation
          • Requires a fairly high population of workers
    • Continuous production
      • Making items non-stop
        • No interruption 24/7
        • Huge amounts of one thing
          • Cost for item is cheap
            • Chocolate bar packaging
      • EXTREMELY expensive
        • Very efficient
    • Just in Time production
      • Get materials+ components delivered just as they're needed
        • Very cost effective
        • Saves cost on storing materials
      • Products are always sold with minimized excess material
      • Used for very expensive items ( eg: manufacturing machines, REALLY expensive headphones etc)
      • Requires very efficeint production to deliver on time
        • Must be fault free





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