Schaffer's Stages of Attachment

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  • Schaffer's Stages of Attachment
    • 2. Indiscriminate Attachment Phase
      • 6 weeks to 6 months
      • Any human company is sought out and all individuals provide comfort
      • Infants are able to distinguish between individuals but have no preferences
    • 4. Multiple Attachment Phase
      • 11+ months
      • Infants have attachments to family members and friends
        • Attachment to the mother is still the strongest
      • They have less stranger/separation anxiety
    • 1. Asocial Stage
      • Infants prefer faces to shapes and other objects
      • 0-6 weeks
      • Smiling faces study
        • New born babies were taken from their mothers and shown a series of simple lines and dots - some resembling faces. Infants preferred looking at the faces than the scrambled ones
    • 3. Specific Attachment Phase
      • 7+ months
      • Infants prefer certain people
      • They display stranger and separation anxiety


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