Savage Rumbaugh

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  • Savage Rumbaugh
    • The aim was to study the ability of chimpanzees to learn language
    • The sample was two pigmy chimpanzees (Kanzi and Mulika) compared with two common chimps (Sherman and Austin)
    • It was a longitudinal study over a 17 month period
    • IV: two pigmy chimpanzees compared with two common chimps
    • DV: language acquisition
    • The chimps were taught language using a visual graphic symbol system called a Lexigram, consisting of symbols that light up and a voice synthesizer
    • For a new word to be considered learned it would have to be 9/10 correct.
    • The data is qualitative and is easy to analyse and compare
    • The study could be improved by having a bigger sample so it is more generalised
    • It lacks ecological validity because the chimps were not in natural enviroment


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